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Jpoparody is a J-pop-based humor wiki. Some wikis try to develop a fairly consistent and straightforward set of fake content (example: Hello! Project Fanon, but this is much looser in theme and style. It doesn't matter if every page contradicts every other page, as long as it gives someone a laugh.

Rough set of guidelines:

  • Like the old improv cliche, "Yes and". Fleshing out someone's skeleton of an idea, adding appropriate imagery, or just fixing spelling would probably be a Good Thing, but removing or replacing something the creator chose to put is probably a Bad Thing. If you've got a contradictory idea, no worries: we have the effective capacity for nearly infinite pages. There's more leeway in pages about people or things that actually exist, though--you didn't build that.
  • As the founder and first editor I'm largely coming at this from a Hello! Project / Tsunku angle, but don't feel limited to that. Better to be a niche of a niche, than a niche of a niche of a niche.
  • The sky is nearly the limit, but it's preferable to stay tasteful. Of course that's incredibly vague, but something approaching, say, Shining Musume would be Too Far.

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